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Bio on Priest Holmes

Born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Priest Holmes was raised in San Antonio, Texas, which he calls home. Holmes played football at John Marshall High School, where he led his school to the state championship game.

After graduating from high school in 1992, he attended the University of Texas at Austin.

In 1997, his NFL Career took him to play for the Baltimore Ravens, earning a ring in Super Bowl XXXV. In 2001, he joined the Kansas City Chiefs where he set team records in career rushing attempts, career rushing yards, career rushing touchdowns, and total touchdowns.

In 2007, his legendary collegiate and post-collegiate accomplishments were commemorated with an induction in the UT Longhorn Hall of Honor in Austin, Texas and the Texas High School Hall of Fame in Waco, Texas.

Since retiring from the NFL, Priest is once again calling San Antonio his home and has become one of the city’s most active philanthropists.

Career Accomplishments & Highlights

First 1,000yd Rusher for the Baltimore Ravens (1998)

Super Bowl XXXV (2000)

3x Pro Bowl Selection (2001, 2002, 2003)

NFL Offensive Player of the Year (2002)

NFL Touchdown Record (2003)

Ed Block Courage Award (2004)

The Formation of The Priest Holmes Foundation (2005)

How Priest worked hard to accomplish these career goals

"Perfecting that one play in practice. Taking something that was drawn out on the board, practicing it throughout the week and perfecting it. Taking a simple concept and creating magic on a Sunday afternoon is what drove me to strive for excellence during my 11 year career in the NFL."