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Our first recipient to graduate college: Jessica Ramirez

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Jessica Ramirez

My love of movies, television, comedy, music and pop culture started at a very early age. Raised by only my mother in good ol’ San Antonio, we couldn’t afford to go on extravagant vacations. Thus, the world of entertainment—whether through television, film or music—became our escape from reality! For me, entertainment is not just something I’ve always loved—it is something I’ve always dreamed of working in.

Fueled by this passion—maybe even obsession—I have been blessed with wonderful opportunities to work in the entertainment field in Austin, Texas. Now that I have graduated and moved to Los Angeles I want to continue in this line of work and expand the breadth of my knowledge.

Jessica's Letter to PHF

Hello everyone at the Priest Holmes Foundation,

This announcement is quite overdue but the last few weeks have been extremely hectic. I’m proudly writing to let you know that I am officially part of the University of Texas Class of 2013. Words can’t describe how extremely grateful I am for all of your help. Without your confidence in me as a scholarship recipient I wouldn’t have been offered amazing opportunities throughout the past four years. I’m currently doing an internship and academic summer program in Los Angeles, CA. After this I am currently searching for jobs in this field. I have also acquired many other interests and skills, so other options for me are event planning, marketing and promotions. Once again thank you for your devotion to helping students like me achieve their goals. I hope to keep in touch with you!


Jessica A. Ramirez